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Bedrock offers programs to suit player needs ranging from the experienced competitive player to those who are just starting out. Both practice and league play are designed to offer equal measures of enjoyment, fitness and skill development.

Bedrock offers programs that range from the introduction to basketball at younger ages to House Leagues with weekly games and the city-wide competitive teams which vary in number and composition across each division.

Small Ball Program

Small Ball is a community basketball program designed for children 5-7 years old.

The program teaches children the fundamental skills of basketball, using equipment to suit the needs and abilities of young children.

Small Ball Mission

Provide an opportunity for children 5-7 years old to play basketball while giving coaches, referees and administrators a chance to become involved in basketball at the "grass roots" level.

Small Ball Core Values

The Small Ball program is built on a foundation of the following core values:

The Small Ball Game

Players will go through sessions of skill development concentrating on the basic basketball skills of passing, shooting, dribbling and foot work. After the skill development portion, the players will play games.

Small Ball Equipment

The essence of the Small Ball program is the basketball equipment that has been modified for young children. This includes age-appropriate net heights and size 5 basketballs.

House League Program

The House League Program covers an introduction to Basketball Skills as well as offer opportunities to further improve basketball skills without the necessity to participate in the Competitive Program and the time commitments the Competitive Program requires.

The House League program involves a practice per week and regular games in the West End Basketball League (WEBL). Depending on the number of players that are registered we will offer WEBL Novice, Atom, Bantam, Midget and Junior teams.

Competitive Leagues

Novice Co-Ed (born 2004 or younger)
Atom Girls and Atom Boys (born 2002 or younger)
Bantam Girls and Bantam Boys (born 2000 or younger)
Midget Girls and Midget Boys (born 1998 or younger)
Juvenile Boys (born 1997)
Junior Girls (born 1996 or younger)

Competitive Program

The Competitive Program offers experienced and motivated basketball players the opportunity to improve their basketball skills and enjoy the excitement of competition against team from across the Ottawa region.

Practices are typically twice a week during weeknights.

League Tournaments (2 games within 4 hour window on Saturdays or Sundays) occur 2-3 times per month. Supplemented by Team Determined participation in a number of local or away (outside of Greater Ottawa) tournaments.
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